The company was formed in 1987 and restructured in 2001 to formally integrate key staff members as shareholders. Our modern workshop is located in Ottery, Cape Town, where all the design and manufacturing is coordinated. We have a staff compliment of 40.

We are leading manufacturers of electrical switchboards with an emphasis on motor control. The skill and dedication of our staff and the quality of our product has gained us many accolades from consultants and clients.



High fault level distribution boards, distribution busbars, PFC Systems, fixed and draw out motor control centres, motor control kiosks, Generator control and synchronisation, power electronics, electrical instrumentation and PLC Controls.

Our products bear the SABS mark verifying compliance with SANS 1973-1 and 3 and thereby SANS 60439-1. Our participation in the SABS mark system allows us to produce assemblies up to 6300A with a fault level of 100KA.



As holders of the SABS mark we have a full quality and safety plan in operation as well as compliance with the Occupational, health and safety Act.



We have considerable experience on the following fields, air conditioning, refrigeration, breweries, wineries, pharmaceutical, refinery, water and sewage pumping and treatment as well as the mining industry where we have recently completed a R20 million gold mine upgrade in Namibia. We also have vast experience in the concept of containerised MCC’s.